About Us

Elegant cognitive solutions

"My name is Justin. 
I help people who are
to level up and access more of their cognitive power 
that will consistently add
value to their lives"

Like you, learning expert Justin Noppé, went through the regular school pipeline, coming out the other end asking if this was really beneficial? How much information from those years is still accessible? Do I know how to study? 


After teaching languages for 15 years, his approach is radically different. Unlike many teachers and programs, he explored how to become automatic with a language and use our brains' natural methods. Working in harmony with what is, rather than working against it.

Asking the question, "How can I get better results with less time?" Justin is able to help his clients connect with their brains and achieve surprising results. Justin's method is a fusion of real world methods and  research based training that connects his clients to their previously unrealized potential.


Companies and individuals all along the spectrum, from style consultants to internet exchange companies, have come to him for fast, long-term results in all aspects of learning and brain performance such as language learning, presentation coaching, accent reduction, and meta-cognitive skills training (like memory techniques, speed reading and mental model workshops).


Justin works with cross-cultural professionals and businesses around the world.